Thursday, January 21, 2010

Families hoping to adopt children in Haiti in limbo

We have an update tonight on a Greece family trying to complete their adoption of two children from Haiti.

We found out the visas are ready, and the Daby family will soon be complete. Joshua and Elizabeth Daby have two kids already, but they've been in the process of adopting 3-year-old Marie and 2-year-old Johnny.

It's a story we first told you about last week.

As of Monday night, the U.S. State Department is trying to figure out the logistics to get the kids to the airport.

The Dabys hope to be reunited sometime this week.

Joshua and Elizabeth Daby both taught in Haiti during an internship with the Haitian-American Friendship Foundation. Also, Joshua's parents were church missionaries to Haiti and adopted a little girl when they were there -- who is Josh's sister. The family connections to Haiti run deep.

The Dabys now are feeling some anxiety about how the children are being cared for in all the chaos.

Josh Daby said, “The children we're adopting in the orphanage are all safe. They're actually sleeping outside under tents. The 82nd U.S. Airborne Division gave them some tents. So every one is sleeping outside. They just did receive water as well, clean drinking water.”

Elizabeth Daby said, “We've been through so much in the waiting already. And now to feel it's possible that everything we've done is lost under a tumbled building is just very stressful and very sad. It's just hard to imagine how we're ever going to get them home at this point.”

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